Juan Williams Not Sufficiently Islamophobic for NPR

The real Islamophobes in our society are those who are afraid to permit respectful criticism or analysis of Islam.

At the hands of the cowards at government-funded NPR, Juan Williams has become the latest victim of extreme Islamophobia. Michelle Malkin takes note:

Cable news blogger Johnny Dollar red-flagged NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik’s Twitter feed, which announced tonight that liberal NPR analyst/Fox News contributor Juan Williams’ contract was terminated — over comments Williams made about Muslims on The O’Reilly Factor. He gave his honest opinion: “[W]hen I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”
NPR was spooked by acknowledgement of fear. Truly un-freaking-believable.

The New York Times reports:
The move came after Mr. Williams, who is also a Fox News political analyst, appeared on the “The O’Reilly Factor” on Monday. On the show, the host, Bill O’Reilly, asked him to respond to the notion that the United States was facing a “Muslim dilemma.” Mr. O’Reilly said, “The cold truth is that in the world today jihad, aided and abetted by some Muslim nations, is the biggest threat on the planet.”

Mr. Williams said he concurred with Mr. O’Reilly.

He continued: “I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country...

NPR said in its statement that the remarks “were inconsistent with our editorial standards and practices, and undermined his credibility as a news analyst with NPR.”
Credibility, really? I'm more inclined to question the honesty and credibility of someone who claims not to be afraid of Islamist terrorism on airplanes.

NPR fired Juan Williams after receiving a de facto order from the Council on American-Islamic Relations:
NPR should address the fact that one of its news analysts seems to believe that all airline passengers who are perceived to be Muslim can legitimately be viewed as security threats," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. "Such irresponsible and inflammatory comments...should not pass without action by NPR.
Here's a challenge to NPR: Just admit it, you’re scared of Muslims.

[T]he Islamophobes are clearly not those who publicly defy Islam's threats and attacks and who just go ahead and publicly criticise it anyway and publicly mock it anyway. Where's the "phobia" in that? No, the phobia - the fear - is being shown by those who refrain from such criticism and such mockery, because they are afraid, and are afraid even to admit that they are afraid (because that too might be interpreted as an implied criticism of the thuggishness of that which they are refraining from criticising or mocking).

Although I have long been irritated by the suggestion that to fear Islam is in any way irrational, I had truly never thought of this particular point. Next time you dare to criticise Islam for being, oh, I don't know, evil, or something along those lines, and somebody says you are an Islamophobe, say: "Well, yes, I am a little bit scared of Islam because it is indeed scary. But you are even more scared of it, so scared that you dare not admit the truth of what I am saying. You are even more of an Islamophobe than I am."
[emphasis added]

Man up, NPR. Or at least admit you're afraid.

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  1. Better ban Juan from Disneyland as well. They wear their garb there all the time.


    We are sitting ducks.

  2. The reality is simple. In the post-911 world that we now live in, we are told on a daily basis that we are supposed to; that we have a duty to; remain aware of suspicious activity and to alert the authorities when something seems out of the norm – to remain “vigilant.” Forgive me for being close-minded, but when someone tells me to “be on the lookout” for a someone fitting fill-in-the-blank description, I either contact authorities or get the hell out of there. If someone has all the tell-tale signs of airborne Jihad, forgive me for sleeping with one eye open. I really don’t care if feelings get hurt. While traditional Muslim garb may hardly even garner a reaction from me on an elevator or in line at the deli, similar attire on a Delta Flight will certainly get my attention, so if that makes Juan Williams a racist or even insensitive, lump me in and start the social reconditioning immediately because I need help.

  3. Poor Juan, they just sacked a liberal... Funny.


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