Joy Behar Opens Flapper, Raises $150,000 for Patriot Sharron Angle, Sharron Angle sends Flowers to Thank Behar

Bouquet sent to The View's (un)Joy Behar, c/o Jon Humbert

by the Left Coast Rebel

This is another one of those awesome opposite-intended-consequence stories. Joy Behar's "bitch" moment directed at Sharron Angle helped raise over six figures for the candidate. Check out this segment:

“those flowers were picked by illegal immigrants and they aren’t voting for you bitch!”

Stay classy and thanks for helping the Angle campaign, Behar. Sending a bouquet to this moonbat proves that Angle and her campaign are above the fray and going to win.


  1. My goodness Joy's voice is annoying.

    Can whomever produces The View do the right thing and end this crappy show. Then give Elizabeth her own show.

  2. Thanks, Bee-har.

    Start slandering other Republican candidates in close races, please.

  3. I'm 62 and almost retired. I still have a job and a life and I don't watch television. What I know of the View comes from friends at work and from the computer in the evenings.

    I don't like what I see on the computer as it pertains to the View (can you actually believe The Pesident of the United States of America had time for this crap. He should have been in the office earning his pay) and I don't like what I hear from co-workers who claim they watch it for the news.

    I am positive that the The View females are all Female Impersonators! How else can all the complete idiocy, freaking leg stroking, absolute lunacy, and just downright vulgar conversation be explained. (If I have insulted other Female Impersonators not affiliated with The View, it really is not intentional)

    When I see Whoppi, I just gag and when I see Barbary "Tell All" Walters (remember her pain renching soul confessional about sex with a married (Black) political figure, (thereby proving once and for all that she is NOT RACIST) I just plain want to throw up. Talk about using a guy????

    These women are way post-menopasal and should start medication asap! There is not a complete functioning brain in the group.


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