Joe Miller scandal and released work records: as viewed through the office test

By Sam Foster

It is out today! Joe Miller’s employment records…of course. Because, Joe Miller is running for an important office and the Presidency is more of a clerical position.

So finally, we know the truth about Miller’s supposed work suspension. Thank God, the media went through a long and arduous legal campaign to get them. Because man, it’s a devastating blow to Joe Miller (queue shaking with fear)!

Not really…No! In fact, not only does the situation have no teeth, it is boring. Trust me, there is nothing worse than a boring conspiracy. Not only will people ignore the conspiracy, but they get annoyed with the people who are flaunting it around.

You doubt me?

You see, it doesn’t pass the office test. That being, “I don’t feel stupid talking about it with another person at work.”

Let me set up the situation.

You are a leftist, citizen, activist hack and though you probably don’t have a serious job, let’s assume you do. You are sitting in your cube, reading the news when you are floored by Anchorage Daily News’ latest Joe Miller hit. Wasting no time, you run up to the chap in the cube next to you and you begin to relay the gooey details of Joe Miller’s faux pas.

“Dude! Did you hear about that Joe Miller guy?”


“The guy running for senate in Alaska?”


“…Well, you’ll never believe what they are reporting on the news.” Cube guy sits up a little straighter at the possibility of some juicy office news. “Well, it turns out that when this “Guy” running for “Senate” was working one day, he created on online poll…AT…WORK.” Cube guy’s eyes start to glaze over as he starts turning his chair back to his desk. “No…wait…wait, that’s not all…” Cube guy starts typing away at the report that is due in an hour. “…he then went around to other people’s computers to go vote on his own poll! Three of them! What a sap! Are you snoring?”

Now when the cube guy wakes up will he be glad or annoyed with the leftist, citizen, activist, hack?

Update: Steve Benen thinks it’s a great scandal, but of course, most leftist citizen activist hacks would. Good thing he doesn’t have serious job.

Seriously Steve, your ilk were better off with "Bush lied and people died." Discussion at Memeorandum.

Update x2:

Dan Riehl has the truth on the REAL JOE MILLER.

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  1. Obama was the worst conspiracy ever. We win?


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