Jerry Brown on Mammograms

by the Left Coast Rebel

Remember how the left has repeatedly dug up stuff from Christine O'Donnell 20 years ago in a concerted character assassination effort?

Live by the sword, die by the sword:

Donald Douglas at American Power:

Democrat Jerry Brown is in the news again this morning. Politico reports that Brown spoke out against mammograms in 1995. Folks can parse the policy-wonkishness of the statement. I'm still just blown away out at how, with the campaign's "whore" slur, for the left there's simply nothing Democrats can do to trigger disgust and outrage.


  1. Does Brown have a problem with women in general or is it just coincidence that he lets his staff call women whores and doesn't encourge women to have mammograms?

  2. Speaking of mamograms, the bitchy way he's campaigning, I think he's due for one.


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