An independent conservative’s thoughts on limited government, an objective tax code, and regulatory overreach

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation 

As the nation quickly approaches the 2010 midterm elections and Tea Party fervor reaches a fever-pitch I ask that you take but a moment to reflect. What - if anything - might change should the Tea Party candidates claim victory and Republicans take back the Congress?

My fervent desire for years has been to cast aside politicians on both sides of the political aisle and elect candidates that actually stand on principle. Ideally, this translates to those that adhere unflinchingly to the principles of limited government and individualism. American Constitutional principles that allow for the greatest individual liberty possible while also requiring the individual to accept and embrace the concept of individual responsibility are the prescription to right our national ship.

What does the term limited government mean? More importantly - what do the Tea Party and Republican candidates believe the term means? Even more importantly, what will they do if the reins of Congressional power are turned over in 2010?

My answer is --- nothing.

It is unfortunate, however likely that tea party candidates will simply continue the same big government overreach we have witnessed for decades. Recall Ronald Reagan’s call to trim government, make it more effective, and essentially ‘starve the beast’? While he succeeded in slowing the growth of government, the Leviathan continued to extend its tentacles into every corner of America with armies of enriched special interests, side by side.

The best the Gipper could do was to marginally slow the trajectory away from limited government.

What conservatives should want and support are candidates that not only talk the talk of limited government but also walk the walk. Ron Paul is perhaps one of the few individuals in American politics today to come close to doing so and he provides a stark example to follow.

To expand upon the subject of limited government, I will limit today’s commentary to taxes and regulations.

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