If that new Alaska Poll on Joe Miller were true…

Sinking Democrat Sandcastles...

By Sam Foster

Unable to defeat the Republican Tsunami only 5 days away, the left is clinging to the very last bastion of desperation. Today's AK poll on Joe Miller is more like sandcastle building than smoke and mirrors. With smoke and mirrors, nothing is really there. Sandcastle building requires setting up a narrative that is squishy, like AK Senate Democrate candidate McAdams.

Today's example of sandcastle building is in a poll released on AK's senate race showing Joe Miller placing third in the race.

Jeanne Devon of AK Muckraker writes

>A new poll conducted by Hays Research confirms what we already intuitively know. Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller's candidacy is in big trouble.

The result? Scott McAdams surging ahead of Joe Miller with 29 percent, Joe Miller with 23 percent, and the write-in candidate (most of which are presumably Lisa Murkowski) with a small gain bringing her to 34 percent, and undecided voters still at 13 percent. This is the first time that McAdams has polled better than Miller, and he did it by six points, comfortably outside the margin of error of 4.8 percent -- a watershed moment for the McAdams campaign.

The problem with this poll?

Jim Geraghty at NRO, someone who actually understands that all polls are not created equal, points out that this particular pollster is consistently way off and skews unjustifiably towards Democrats.

However, one can go much further than Jim. The poll results themselves are curious.

For example, 60 percent view Joe Miller "Very Negatively" and 8 percent "negatively." That's some feat for any candidate in any race. To give you a perspective, Rush Limbaugh's favorable/unfavorables are better when polling just Democrats only!

Not only are Joe Miller's negatives questionably high, but according to the poll, Joe Miller supporters are flocking…to…the democrat?

This all begs the question, if Miller is hemorrhaging voters, where are they going? The numbers seem to bear out the anti-incumbency sentiment, and voter frustration with the "establishment," because Miller's supporters seem to be jumping ship mostly for McAdams.

Sounds oddly like the Pat Buchanan voters switching to Al Gore in 2000, doesn't it?

I've already covered the ridiculousness that is the Joe Miller Office Scandal. Of course, as Geraghty points out this poll could be accurate. However, the real joke is on the left. Why, with Joe Miller at a 60% "very unfavorable" rating, can't McAdams do better then a 6 point lead over Miller? You'd have to be a pretty poor candidate if that was all the wind you could blow into those sails.

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