"I Always Thought the Right Wing Were the Ones That Were Inflexible, Intolerant”

By Proof

Juan Williams on Good Morning America:

It's been said that a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged. Perhaps we can consider this as Juan Williams' mugging?

Video via Say Anything

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  1. Yea, and liberals say a liberal is a conservative that hasn't gone to jail. If that was true, why are 70% of women democrats and the stats clearly show they don't serve time like men, they are more intolerate of opposing views (go ahead, disagree with one of them, especially your wife, girlfriend, or SO) and more irrational (just try to reason say why men like math and women like languages and see how far you get). Liberals are idealistic morons that haven't learned reality and too often, we all have to learn the hard way, even when all the evidence we need before hand is there for the taking.


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