Greta Bloodies Allred Over Sound Legal Practices

By Proof

Greta goes after Gloria for what she did as a lawyer, Allred's rebuttal was that her client was intelligent. The housekeeper's intelligence wasn't in question, it was the competency of her lawyer.

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  1. I question the ex maid's sanity. Puppets are people too? Uhhh, only an insane person would think that. Given her lawyer, it's par for the course. Perhaps soon it will be her client's turn to say, I don't know you, and you don't know me as well.

  2. I can't believe what's going on on my blog... Libs keep telling me that these aren't really campaign tricks. I don't believe them!

    I can't wait to see what gets dredged up next from the sewer. A pox on them all!

  3. What is with older liberal women from California and their haircuts? Allred, Boxer...ok I only have 2 examples but I know I have seen more, they have this weird pseudo-Mick Jagger in Freejack do going on. Someone needs to tell Emilio Estevez these women are hijacking his style.

  4. "I question the ex maid's sanity" No. I think she was duped by some slick liberal lawyers and political strategists.

    CR: No it's not a "campaign trick". Nearly anyone would put their freedom at risk by admitting felonies on national TV a month before an election for six grand in unpaid wages.
    (BTW, she had what appeared to be a valid CDL and SSN. She probably could have gone to the Labor Commission for free and done the same thing!)

    fleece: I'd take a bald Carly over Barbara Bouncer! Hair is optional. Brains and ethics aren't.


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