Gov. Moonbeam on Illegal Immigration (1996)

By Proof

His thesis seems to be that if we keep Mexico as a perpetual third world country and raise wages here, there would be no incentive for so many people to cross the border.

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  1. Gov. Moonbeam... enough said.

  2. My God!!! What is this lunatic Brown talking about? This man is completely irrational and yet he's got a really good chance for a 3rd bite of the apple here in California where the illegal alien problems are massive more times worse since he spew this shrill. The truth is on illegal aliens, no matter who's elected as Whitmen is pro illegal alien as well (at least she says so in her Spanish ads), they're going to maintain, if not get more, superior rights over indigent residences. Thus, California is about to officially become a providence of Mexico. Well, we here don't nickname our state Mexifornia for nothing.

  3. "What is this lunatic Brown talking about?"

    It's like that NBC series of public service announcements: "The More You know..."


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