George Will: Alan Grayson 'America's Worst Politician

by the Left Coast Rebel

An introduction to Florida's 8th congressional district Democrat representative Alan Grayson shameless smear against his opponent Daniel Webster, from George Will, via. Memeorandum:

Webster, 61, the third-generation manager of his family’s air-conditioning business, served in Florida’s legislature for 28 years, becoming the first Republican speaker of the state House in 122 years—since Reconstruction—then serving in the state Senate until retired by term limits two years ago. A devout Christian who home-schooled his six children, in 2009 he addressed a religious conference of men in Nashville on the subject of how to be a good husband. Concerning relations with their wives, he urged the men not to focus on biblical verses that enjoin wives to be submissive: “Don’t pick the ones that say, ‘She should submit to me.’ That’s in the Bible, but pick the ones that you’re supposed to do. So instead, ‘Love your wife, even as Christ loved the church he gave himself for it’ as opposed to, ‘Wives, submit yourself to your own husband.’ ”

Grayson sliced and spliced a videotape of Webster’s words to depict Webster as saying, “She should submit to me. That’s in the Bible.” When asked about his lie-by-editing, Grayson blithely said, “These were his words.” Grayson’s ad says: “Religious fanatics try to take away our freedom in Afghanistan, in Iran, and right here in central Florida…Daniel Webster wants to impose his radical fundamentalism on us.” Hence “Taliban Dan.”

I came into contact with Alan Grayson via his attack on a Mount Doral doctor that made a statement this year against Obamacare. Grayson pulled no punches against the doctor, merely expressing is 1st Amendment rights.

I said this in September (funny how it sounds a little like Will):
Florida's Rep. Alan Grayson is one of the most despicable, far-left, race-baiting moonbats in congress. I know, I know, the list is long but it's true. Perhaps put him in the top 10 but with a proclivity to open his extremist-leftist yapper and say things in public that most far-left, neo-Bolshevik pols only chat about at limo-liberal cocktail parties.
Please, dear readers, if you live in Florida's 8th congressional district, send this disgusting individual packing to the unemployment line. Even if you don't reside, please donate to his opposition, Daniel Webster.


  1. Someone on our street put up a Grayson sign in their yard. The next day, there were 2 Webster signs in our yard plus one in the rear windshield of my husband's truck.
    Interesting note... the library down the road is a voting station so the entrance to the library (which is also the entrance for the elementary school) is littered with campaign signs. There are a ridiculous amount of signs for every candidate for every race. However, there are NO Grayson signs; none. Not even a little one.

  2. grayson vs the controlled media
    grayson vs federal reserve
    grayson vs 9/11 liars
    grayson vs AIPAC


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