Fog, Progressives, the Land of the Lost, and Animal Farm

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

When you spend enough time in progressive collectivist blogistan, aka the land of the lost, it imparts a certain feeling of being lost in a fog. Sort of like the feelings you experienced on those foggy and dreary mornings waiting at the bus stop for the school bus to arrive. You just knew it was going to be another very long day when the teachers were going to expect you to learn something when you would rather bring doing something else. At least that's the way it was for me, and it's just how it was in progressive collectivist blogistan.

Really though, putting the analogy aside, there are similarities and differences.

One, I chose to subject myself to the the incessant kool aid of the left, whereas I had no choice but to go to school if I wanted to learn and some day be able to support myself. Two, I learned nothing from my experience in left blogistan other than ... nope, like I said nothing. Three, I learned a great deal from my school experience and for the most part was fortunate to have teachers that taught facts and allowed me to think for myself and draw my own conclusions.

That of course was back in the day when educators actually spent their time educating rather than indoctrinating. Having said that I must acknowledge there are many teachers who are dedicated and aspire to teach their students how to develop critical thinking skills. In fact, my baby sister is an educator and she does just that. She is a conservative with an open mind that teaches her students it's okay to think differently if you can back up your position with reasonable supporting arguments.

For all the talk you hear from the progressive collectivists about progressives being the true defenders of liberty and free thought it amazes me just how closed minded and fanatically adverse they are to anything that differs from their cherished and usually emotional viewpoint. For the most part they consider themselves to be the elite and thus have all the appropriate answers. If you don't believe it just ask them.

My time in the land of the lost also reminded me of the book Animal Farm. The book pitted the animals (the working class) against their owners (the bourgeoisie) in what depicted the classic class struggle. After the animals threw their masters off the farm and ran it as a collective with all animals being equal things were okay for awhile. Before they knew it the pigs, who were the smartest, begin to change the rules of the democratic collective and gradually installed themselves as the rulers of the people. They declared themselves more equal because of their superior intellect and knowledge.

By the end of the story the animals wanted their old masters back because they were treated by far better with them running the farm than with the pigs running the farm as progressive collectivist dictators.

The thing I noticed in the land of the lost is that if you agreed with the progressive line all was well. They all seemed to sit around in their fog and echo the same chorus line about how everything would be so much better if only the nasty, dirty, bigoted racist, homophobic, delusional right (as in republicans, libertarians, and conservatives) would just go away and let them play and romp in the nirvana fields of progressive collectivist thought.

I would love to disclose the most virulent of these sites where anybody who dare oppose their views, or in any way make a curt disparaging remark about one of them was threatened and intimidated so as to shut the person up. If I did, I would face perhaps threats and intimidation. Conversely, on the pages of many of these sites all conservatives, Tea Party supporters, and republicans are maligned, called the most disparaging names, and mocked.

Progressive collectivist blogistan, aka the land of the lost is truly Animal Farm. And they wish to impose their elitism and world view on the rest of us. If you haven't read Animal Farm by George Orwell, I highly recommend it. The political ideology is still alive and well in the progressive collectivist movement. And that my fellow true defenders of liberty is where the danger lies.

Note: The term blogistan I borrowed from fellow RN USA writer Silverfiddle. Thanks and I hope you won't think of me as plagiarizer. : -)


  1. Congratulations on surviving your college education. I too was immersed in the leftist marinade of collectivism and anti-Americanism, but I never bought into it. Someday we need to figure a way to take back the campuses from the leftists who now control them.

  2. You need to start with elementary school and work your way up. This of course means that the teachers unions need to be dealt with, so that teachers can teach and not indoctrinate. The other advantage is that when students get the basics down in elementary school it becomes easier for the secondary teachers to teach grade level material and not spend time trying to teach things they should have learned in elementary school. I speak as a HS English teacher and I see way to many kids who are behind in their writing and reading. This also means that we on the right need to discern the difference between the teachers and the unions because there is a world of difference between the two. Finally we need to vote out the school board members who are incompetent and replace them with people who have the backbone to deal with the unions and hold us teachers accountable for their actions.

  3. You truly are one of the few that came out of the public education system not being a Animal Farm lemming.

    I love the imagery in this post....foggy mornings....

  4. Thanks Tim... It wasn't easy but I simply refused to accept that which did not seem objective.

    But I must give credit to a very intelligent and beautiful 10th grade English and literature teacher who turned me on to Ayn Rand, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and the great works of our founding fathers.

    er name was Mrs. Halikas and she was a true educator. Challenged you to think outside the box andthen question your own premise until you were sure it had no contradictions.

    My hat has been off to this wonderful lady and superb educator for the 42 years. And every time I read the BS from the left I think of her. She always told her students to... THINK FOR YOURSELF AND YOU SHALL FIND THE ANSWER.

    She was right, the progressive collectivists were wrong!

  5. Mrs. Halikas was one of an all-but-dying breed in academia. This nation would not be facing 10% of it's ills were it not so.

    Again, love the post!

  6. Stogie - It wasn't easy but I, like you refused to drink the progressive collectivist anti individualist kool aid.

    I fear it may be beyond the point of no return in academia.

    But we must keep trying!

  7. The Vegas Art Guy - I get the sense you believe this task is possible.

    Encouraging to say the least.

    As in most things political special interests become entrenched and it is damn near impossible to break their grip.

  8. Like I said, start local with one district and school board at a time. And yes it can be done. We got to the moon with slide rules didn't we?


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