Fallout: New Vegas Reviews

by the Left Coast Rebel

Fallout 3 was my favorite game of the last 5 years or more. Still, I refuse to buy retail and the day-of-release of a much-anticipated title like Fallout: New Vegas so I don't have a copy yet, I'm still super-curious on how Fallout: New Vegas is being scored and reviewed. Before you get started out on our Fallout: New Vegas experience, check out 1Up.com's awesome Survival Guide.

October 19's release date for Fallout: New Vegas as arrived, let's roll out the reviews!


Five out of five stars
at the UK Guardian (360 version):

.....critics will point out that New Vegas is far from being Fallout 4 – and it's true, the majority of tweaks and new features are unlikely to greatly affect what is a near-identical gameplay experience. But it's hard to care too much when there was so little wrong with its predecessor.

Familiar problems, such as regular crashes – I've had to switch my Xbox off using the power button roughly once every two hours so far – and a lack of signposting for irrevocably game-altering decisions can be frustrating, though perhaps understandable given the huge scope of the game. Getting into the habit of regular saving is more important than ever.

These however are small niggles in a overwhelmingly impressive - and simply huge - gaming experience. The map, though similar-sized to Fallout 3's, seems more jam-packed than ever – New Vegas is less a sandbox game than whole beach to play around in.


Gaming Today gave it a 91/100 and noted some flaws (console and pc versions):

First off, there are a horrific number of glitches in the XBox 360 version. Creatures routinely get stuck while navigating terrain, and the player can also get stuck in some very awkward locations, necessitating a reload of a save game. Also, the 360 version seems to have some crash issues. On numerous occasions the game would hang on the loading screen, forcing a hard reboot of the console. On the minor side, expect terrain graphics to pop-in from time to time.

All in all, Fallout: New Vegas is a triumph for Obsidian. Once again, they’ve taken on a beloved franchise and managed to do it justice in the sequel. From a purely technical standpoint, New Vegas does have some issues, but a game isn’t all about the technical side of things. It’s about the experience of playing the game, and on that front, New Vegas delivers in spades. It’s easily one of my favorite games of the year to date, despite all of the technical glitches. If you liked Fallout 3, you owe it to yourself to play this one all the way through. It’s a most worthy successor.


Gamepro gave it a 4.5/5 (which version not specified):

PROS: The sheer amount of things to see and experience is overwhelming. It closely matches Fallout 3 in terms of depth and content; if you loved the original, you’ll probably love this one as well.

CONS: Small issues abound, and things that could have been addressed weren’t; quests aren’t as inventive or as complex as they could be; game can be a bit easy on the Casual setting.


Giant Bomb scores it a 4/5:

It says a lot about the quality of Fallout: New Vegas' writing that, despite experiencing a list of incredibly annoying bugs that only got worse as I continued playing, I still think you should play it. But when I reflect on the experience, I'll probably think about the times the game locked up on me or broke in a dozen other crazy ways first, before thinking about the great world and the objectives that fill it. If you were able to look past the issues that plagued Fallout 3 and Oblivion before it, New Vegas will eventually show you a real good time.

Fallout: New Vegas somehow manages to have even more technical problems than Fallout 3 did, but its great characters and setting still shine through.
I think that we can see the general theme with reviews for Fallout: New Vegas. It's an awesome game and if you loved Fallout 3, you will undoubtedly love New Vegas as well. It is surprising to read about the glitches inherent in all versions as they were promised to be hammered out of the final product.

Either way, I can't wait to get my hands on Fallout: New Vegas!


  1. So, Tim, is your posting hiatus attributable to an intense testing of Fallout: New Vegas?

    Seriously, I hope all's well.

  2. LA - I can't touch this thing for a while, I got sucked into 2008's Fallout 3 and there was no turning back!

  3. Same thing happened to me with a game I got my sons quite a few years ago - mercifully the Title escapes me now. Played it 14 hours non-stop, resulting in a serious repetitive stress injury that lasted two months +. Haven't played a video game since, even though I've been sorely tempted.

  4. Ahh... Team Fortress Classic. I was Sniping

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