Update: Lollar responds at press conference today; Despicable Steny Hoyer to Challenger Charles Lollar: “I’m Coming After You”

By Sam Foster

You can't really blame the media for not covering this. After all, they had their hands full protesting those that handcuff people for shoving. However, there are reports coming out of Maryland's 5th congressional district that Democrat House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer was a little, shall we say, displeased with his peasant challenger Charles Lollar.

County Times

Last week's forum in Waldorf became tense at the end, demonstrating the "heat" of the campaign. After a question from the moderator concerning controlling the budget and expenditures, Lollar challenged Hoyer's answer, noting that congress recently adjourned without passing the FY-2011 (which began on October 1) budget.

"Congress holds the purse string, they're responsible for appropriations. In fact, my Congressman Mr. Hoyer refused to even pass a budget for this year for the first time in several years, which is completely irresponsible," said Lollar according to a transcript released by the Lollar campaign this morning.

Immediately after the exchange, Hoyer turned to Lollar and said, "I'm coming after you," according to a press release issued by the Lollar campaign this morning. "When Lollar brushed aside the challenge with a smile, Hoyer then repeated it." Lollar spokesperson Patt Parker told somd.com that Hoyer made this comment after the microphones had been turned off.

Lollar's promising to provide video of Hoyer's comments this afternoon. We'll follow the story here at LCR. More information here at Charles Lollar's facebook.

With Lollar, the former Marine charging after the pencil pushing elitist Hoyer in a gambit that should be unwinnable, I couldn't help from linking Hoyer's phrase with a scene from Rambo First Blood Part 2 of 1,346. Where Rambo threatens the CIA hack Murdock while imprisoned by Russians in a POW camp.

Hoyer turns to Loller: "I'm coming after you."

Lollar to Hoyer: "No Steny… (thunder rumbles) …I'm coming to get you."

Here's the clip to get you into the aesthetic mood.

See S E Cupps' interview with Lollar at Daily Caller

Update x1:

Stacy has a great take on the Charles Lollar ascendancy.

Dan Reihl points out that at the very least Lollar will be draining critical leftist campaign money from Soros and China and...

Update x2:

Charles Lollar's press conference is about to begin. You can listen on UStream. From 2:30-3:30 EST.

Update x3:

Charles Lollard held a press conference today to answer to Steny Hoyer's threat at last night's debate. As I hoped, he channeled a bit of Stallone on behalf of MD-5.

Describing the scene Lollard said, "A very frustrated Steny Hoyer leaned over to me and told me that he is coming for me." In true Rambo fashion he stated, "The fifth district is coming after him."

"We are not your servants. We don't work for you, you work for us."

During the press conference, one questioner who had attended the debate asked about a bare knuckle tap to the back following Hoyer's threat. Lollard responded that it was two taps and not one.

“No matter how frustrated you get with someone, you shouldn’t lay your hands on them.”

Update x4:

Gateway Pundit links, big thanks to you Jim!

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