California NOW President calls Meg Whitman a political whore

If ever there was proof that feminist groups like NOW care more about abortion than about women's rights and dignity (as well as the inane political correctness standards they are often known to advocate), is it not in the recent endorsement of California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown by NOW's California chapter despite his campaign's use of the word "whore" to describe Republican candidate Meg Whitman, a word that NOW's national president describes as "hate speech?"

And furthermore, the fact that NOW's California chapter president insists that Meg Whitman is indeed a "political whore?" We report you decide. Here's the scoop (with FULL AUDIO of the voicemail which inadvertently recorded a Jerry Brown campaign aide calling Meg Whitman a whore and Jerry Brown approving) recorded from an article I wrote over at the California Independent Voter Network.

Wes Messamore,
Contributing Webmaster,

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