RedState Video: Shows Lauren Valle came at Rand Paul…Twice!

By Sam Foster

Steve at No More Mister Nice Blog had an interesting find on the RedState video showing Lauren Valle prior to the supposed head stomping. He notices Lauren Valle popping up in the video running in front of Paul’s car around 53 to 56 sec mark. Steve wishes that this were some huge gaffe on Erick Erickson’s part:

Erick Erickson wrote:

This video was sent to RedState by an anonymous witness at the event. It shows what Valle was doing when the Paul supporters grabbed her. No one chased her around the car. She was never in front of the car.

Steve at NMMNB:

Really, Erick? Want to put money on that?

Here's your video:

Why, what is it that I see from :53 to :56? It's a woman with blond hair and red clothing holding a sign and running in front of the car.

The problem with Steve’s find is that although Erick is wrong about Lauren Valle having never run in front of the car, it does show that no one and I mean no one is pursuing her.

The lack of pursuit makes it appear as though she is running at Paul as he walks by. Perhaps to violently shove the same sign in his face she did only seconds before.

Don’t listen to me, you be the judge.

However, isn’t it safe to say that running up to any candidate’s vehicle while it is driving creates an unsafe situation?

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  1. Ok, I will be the judge. Looking at the 55 second point you can see Valle, still in her blond wig coming around the front of the car. Who is right behind her? The guy in the plaid shirt and ball cap who eventually wrestles her down.

  2. and furthermore, she seems to be in a "Challenge" mode. Where in the hell is security?

  3. I'm not condoning the actions of the assailant, but that doesn't look like much of a "head stomp" to me. He placed his foot on her shoulder to pin her down and then he depressed her shoulder. I see no contact with her head at all.

    It's still a battery, but it's absolutely amazing that leftists can look at a video which is plain as day and characterize this as a "boot stomping on a human face" as described by Orwell. Do you see any part of his foot making contact with her head? Her shoulder may have hit her head.

    Liberals are drama queens.

    And it's very clear this woman was an aggressive agitator. The person who first restrained her had every right to do so to protect Rand Paul from an apparent physical attack. The second man (the 'stomper') likely broke the law because she was already restrained.

    If you or I attended an SEIU, UAW, or NAACP event and did the same thing to a Demon Rat senate candidate, I doubt we'd get away with such light treatment.


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