Breaking: Anchorage Superior Court Judge Frank A. Pfiffner Blocks Write-in Name Handouts at Polling Places

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by the Left Coast Rebel

More news from Alaska and the Joe Miller/Lisa Murkowski race. This certainly is a score for the Miller campaign but just how much so remains to be seen:

(WaPo/AP) ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- An Alaska judge has granted a temporary restraining order stopping elections officials from handing out names of write-in candidates at polling places.

The ruling Wednesday is a setback for Alaska U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who is mounting a write-in campaign to keep her job. Murkowski was defeated by attorney Joe Miller in the August GOP primary.

In the ruling, Anchorage Superior Court Judge Frank A. Pfiffner says the division was in clear violation of an administrative regulation by offering the write-in names to voters at polling places.

Alaska's Democratic Party sued Monday to stop the Elections Division from providing the information, and the Republican Party of Alaska joined the lawsuit. They claimed providing the names would skew voting in favor of write-in candidates.

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