Boxer to Drain Senate Swamp?

By Proof

Remember when Nancy Pelosi likened Washington to a swamp that needed to be drained? Guess who's supposed to be draining it on the Senate side?

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Creature From the Senate Swamp

Barbara (Ma'am) Boxer chairs the Senate Ethics Committee. That's right. E-T-H-I-C-S. She's the chair. She was the one to send Chris Dodd a letter making demands for him to come clean regarding his Countrywide mortgages. But, according to the Washington Examiner,
Boxer held no fewer than seven mortgages with Countrywide Financial, the company at the center of the mortgage scandal she was investigating as chair of her committee.

Then there's a matter of a million dollar property in Oakland that she failed to mention joint ownership of on any of her financial disclosure forms.

And somehow, should Ms. Bouncer be re-elected and the Dems retain control of the Senate, who do you think will be investigating Ms. Bouncer's financial lies irregularities? That's right.

Barbara Boxer.

Just one more reason to Bounce Babs this November 2nd.

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  1. ..oh yeah, then there's that.

    Didja catch the shuffle that Boxer and Feinstein did when the toured the solar-cell plant in San Jose?

    When Boxer appeared on scene -- the wrinkled puss-bag she is -- it was like someone had opened the door to the critical ward in Molokai and the lepers were loosed on an unsuspecting public.

    I mean, Feinstein practically looked like she wished she had a pair of barbecue tongs. Ten foot pole comes to mind..

    ..or, at least, an eight-foot Czechoslovakian.

    There's two dessicated old hags who need to be shown the gate.

  2. Sad fact is she is going to be relected. . . again. Californians are too stupid and too unethical themselves to let their prize senator go. What's worse, Brown is going to get elected as well, so don't look for California for any sanity or help for the nation's woes.


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