Boogaloozoo Films Illegal Aliens/Day Laborers Paid to Protest Fiorina in Pasadena?

by the Left Coast Rebel

A citizen journalist, from the Boogaloozoo site filmed the following at the Boxer/Fiorina debate in Pasadena, California. It cannot be determined that the Hispanic day laborers taped are illegal immigrants paid to protest Carly Fiorina. Nevertheless it is quite telling:

Pasadena Star News

PASADENA - Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart Thursday released a YouTube video of day laborers purportedly claiming they were paid by to participate in a political rally for Sen. Barbara Boxer.

The rally took place Wednesday outside a radio studio where Republican Carly Fiorina came to debate Democrat Boxer via satellite.

The clip labeled "***Breitbart EXCLUSIVE***" centers on a brief interview with two men holding campaign sign that read "Corporate Cash (heart heart heart) Carly Fiorina."

During the two-minute, 17-second clip, an offscreen male voice asks, "Did you make this sign?"

A caption interpreting the response reads, "No, there's a lady that pay."

A spokeswoman for MoveOn Thursday questioned the authenticity of the video.

"The tape has numerous problems. The caption doesn't match what the man is saying," said Ilyse Hogue, communications director. "He said more than what appears in the caption. The amount of syllables coming from his mouth doesn't match what was in the caption."

Earlier this year Breitbart released a video claiming to show Shirley Sherrod, a former U.S. Dept. of Agriculture employee, use her office to push a bigoted pro-black agenda. The clip was later discredited after it was revealed that it had been selectively edited.

Andrea Saul, press secretary for the Fiorina campaign said no one from the campaign could independently verify the validity of the day laborer video. She believed its release signaled problems with Boxer's campaign.

"If this is true, it's unfortunate that they have to pay people to be enthusiastic about their campaign," Saul said.

Boxer campaign officials denied paying demonstrators.

"There were dozens of volunteers who came out to support Barbara Boxer at yesterday's debate, but absolutely no one received any payment from the Boxer campaign and any assertion that they did is simply false," said Rose Kapolczynski, Boxer campaign manager, in a statement released on Thursday.

Conservative bloggers like Michelle Malkin and Pasadena's Wayne Lusvardi began Wednesday posting links to the video.

"Hey, remember last summer, when ... the Dems hired non-English-speaking day laborers who didn't have a clue about what was going on to protest for Obamacare?" Malkin wrote. "... Sen. Barbara Boxer, borrowed a page from the House Speaker in recruiting day labor stooges to hold up anti-Carly Fiorina signs."

By Thursday the video had become a viral phenomenon among conservatives, registering several hundred mentions according to Google and appearing on Facebook homepages and Twitter feeds.

On the other side of the debate, some wondered if the video was part of a larger misinformation campaign.

"People who have a dark sinister hunch about Democrats and Progressives print and publish this stuff as fact," said Eric Boehlert, a spokesman for Media Matters America.

A man identifying himself as Derek Broes, a contributor to Breitbart's network of websites, claimed Thursday to have shot the video, but declined further comment.

A group of men waiting for work outside a U-Haul rental facility on South Raymond Avenue - a block from where Wednesday's protest took place - said Thursday they were neither offered money nor received any payment.

A man who appeared in the video spoke Thursday on the condition that his name be withheld.

"Some of the guys thought they might make some money by holding the signs, but they were never paid," he said.

Hat-tip War Planner.


  1. Hi -- I was at that event. On the Boxer side. I did not see any day laborers in the 100 or so people for Boxer. I work on the same block - and had a good look at everyone on the Boxer side. I would have noticed, since I have to deal with the laborers every day.

    A few of the day workers and folks from the mission (also on the same street) were there for the entertainment. (Not much happens on Raymond Ave.)

    Actually, the people on the Boxer side were all your usual Dems, had a hard time getting them to chant loudly! I'm a libertarian progressive Dem -- from the Teddy Roosevelt school of progressive.

  2. Hi Mel, thanks for writing. I am going by the video above and must say that it is quite damning. That being said, I was not there.

    PS - I would like to know what a 'libertarian progressive' is, I have not heard that term.

  3. Mels just admit you're a communist, do you think people are fooled when you call yourself a libertarian... John Stossel is a libertarian... you are NOT. I'm a little sad to hear that some people come to hear Senator Boxer without being paid to do so... tells me a lot about the sad state of affairs in CA... maybe we should let Mexico have California back... good riddance.


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