Boeing is far from the first to drop employee plan due to health care reform

By Sam Foster

So Boeing is dropping health care coverage thanks to Obamacare:

AP reports:

Aerospace giant Boeing is joining the list of companies that say the new health care law could have a potential downside for their workers.

In a letter mailed to employees late last week, the company cited the overhaul as part of the reason it is asking some 90,000 nonunion workers to pay significantly more for their health plan next year. A copy of the letter was obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

"The newly enacted health care reform legislation, while intended to expand access to care for millions of uninsured Americans, is also adding cost pressure as requirements of the new law are phased in over the next several years," wrote Rick Stephens, Boeing's senior vice president for human resources.

Boeing is actually late to the party. 3M dropped their retirees insurance weeks ago:

Many employers are reevaluating their health insurance benefits now that federal health care reform has become law. Minnesota-based 3M announced it would change its coverage for retirees-both early retirees and those over age 65.

But some experts say that the number of companies that offered health benefits for retired employees was already falling and health care reform will speed up the process.

In a memo to employees, 3M said the reform law's changes should dramatically improve the individual insurance available to workers who retire before age 65 and their dependents.

In effect, 3M is telling its employees the company won't provide them with health insurance after retirement.

But, its not like we didn't warn you...over and over and over. And the left doesn't understand why the Tea Party ranks are swelling with older Americans.

Update x1:

Ed points out that this is not an unintended consequence of Obamacare, IT'S A FEATURE!


  1. First the dems lose the youth, now they're losing the seniors. Soon they won't have anyone, but sure enough, they'll find a way to win their seats as they do here in California.

  2. This is bad news and I recently faced a similar situation in my workplace, I know shell out nearly 600 bucks a month for my family's health care premium. I have a very low out of pocket plan, a "cadillac" plan if you will. Boeing and 3M are very large employers. Typically an advantage of working for such a large corporation is the benefits. With health care costs continuing to rise and now a government insurance phasing in , we will see more and more of this. The governments long term goal is to phase out private insurance for the average person. One exception I do take with your post, is your title. Boeing didn't "drop" their insurance plans for employees, they simply shifted increased costs onto them, there is a big difference.


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