All Red in the Mall too.. The War Planner

To follow up Les Carpenter's fine post earlier about the gathering of leftoids in the DC Mall today, you can get a good idea of the type of participants and perhaps a glimpse of the crowd size from a tongue-in-cheek vid that AFP put out on You Tube:

I have been all over the net and cannot seem to find many pictures which gives a clear idea of the participation -- none of those overhead shots like those of the Tea Party assemblages. You know, the ones where the park service and other organizations kept claiming the milling throngs were "in the hundreds" or "in the thousands" in their wild-eyed and frantic attempt to downplay Tea Party intensity and fervor.

One would think if the turnout were substantial, then the satellite pics and airborne shots would be plastered all over the net.

I did find one showing the aftermath of the gathering:

Eerily reminiscent of the detritus strewn about after the Obama Coronation. For a shocking comparison of the inauguration and the Glenn Beck rally earlier this summer, head over to LiveLeak.


  1. I was at both the Beck rally and this one. I sat almost exactly in the same place for both. I have pictures that will clearly show the differences in attendence.

  2. Weasel Zippers has a great set of compare and contrast photos:

  3. The last pic shows what a mess we will have to clean up after running these leftist clowns out of office Nov 2nd... Better to do it now then to let it "progress" any further...
    Great contrast at weaselzippers!

  4. Nice summary. I love the YouTube.

    I wrote my own little review of the little rally as well...

    Before It's News has some good pics

    Looks like they could be frame snaps. He posted the same YouTube you did.

    Thank you lefties for providing us some needed comic relief!


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