Alaska left goes after Joe Miller: opens the door for Alaskans to go after Obama

By Sam Foster

Sunday pop quiz: why does the left need activist judges?

Because, they need to be certain they are instilling a political hack that will apply the law differently for when liberals are on the line.

Via Anchorage Daily News:

Miller's lawyer, Van Flein, argued that Miller's personnel records with the borough should not be made public because he was merely a part-time employee rather than a public official.

"It's not correct to argue that merely by running for U.S. Senate, that somehow everything in your past: your school transcripts, your medical records, your birth certificate, or your personnel file, suddenly magically convert to public records," Van Flein said.

Burbank rejected that argument in his ruling, saying that people who run for office expect their past will be researched and revealed.

Of course your scratching your head thinking the AP, who was involved in the suit, will sue for Joe Miller's records, but for Presidential hopeful Obama?

Notice now how easy it is for the left to win such cases, but Obama's school records remain tightly under lock and key and for three years now.

Via Memeorandum

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