After Debate, Rand Paul Refuses to Shake Hands with his Democratic Opponent Jack Conway

by the Left Coast Rebel

Good for Rand Paul, I don't think that he should have shaken his opponent's hand either:

Jack Conway's campaign in Kentucky has recently slandered Rand Paul as essentially being 'anti-christian' which aside from being a very bizarre accusation for a Democrat, is defamatory and unacceptable. It's time that normal people and tea party candidates running for office man-up and stand up to the ruling class slander machine! He obviously struck a note, judging by the reaction of the audience, too.

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Updated: Via TPM, the epic back and forth that led to Rand Paul stating that he would not shake Jack Conway's hand after the debate. You know what? Rand is exactly right on every point that he makes here and proves that he will be a fighter for liberty in the United States senate:

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  1. Seems like the most obvious solution to this quandary is to conclude that IT SHOULDN'T MATTER WHETHER YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN OR NOT TO ATTAIN PUBLIC OFFICE. Am I the first one to consider this revolutionary notion?


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