We Can See November

By RightKlik

If you can't see November from your house, you probably have your eyes closed. The red tsunami is coming, ready or not. For optimal results, get moving ASAP.

What's the best way to get involved? Here are some simple but powerful suggestions from someone who occasionally stumbles on some very good ideas:
  • Pledge to Vote in November for constitutional conservatives.
  • Recruit 10 people to vote for the first time in this election.
  • Make 10 phone calls to recruit conservative voters.
  • Knock on 10 doors and explain the need to vote for conservative job creators.
  • Donate $10 to support the effort to elect conservatives (Hey, this sounds very familiar!)
Here's a cool video explaining the power of 10:

To win in November and beyond, we must not forget to utilize the persuasion of the carrot and the stick.

What's the most enticing carrot? Money! Don't leave it to the special interest groups to fund all the campaigns. If we don't vote with our dollars, we shouldn't be surprised when the politicians don't listen to us after the election. "Those who pay the piper call the tune" ― the political world is no exception to that truism.

As election day approaches, get a strategy and get organized! Need help with strategy? Read, watch and learn.

Who needs our help as we come to the final stretch? Don't miss these lists:

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  1. I'm hoping the red tsunami will bring us a lame duck in the white house... quack quack!


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