(VIDEO) Marlin Stabs Woman's Breast Implant

by the Left Coast Rebel

Don't ask me how I found this. The marlin stabbing happened sometime last year. And yes, the woman's life may have been saved due to her breast implants:

More information on the Marlin/Breast implant story from Wellsphere:

Neat video clip story about a women who suffered a penetrating chest wound while sport fishing for marlin. Her treating physician speculates that her indwelling silicone implants (which were ruptured from the marlin bill) may have saved her life by blunting the force as she was stabbed. Apparently, serious penetrating injuries are not that rare from marlins as I found several recent reports (see here )

Another life saved by breast implants! :) As someone joked in re. to these stories last year about an Israeli woman saved from shrapnel and a car crash survival attributed to implants " Go big or die."

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