(VIDEO) Marijuana Ice Cream, San Jose, California: Creme De Canna

by the Left Coast Rebel

Only in California...

The current flavors offered at Creme De Canna are Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and TRIPLE Chocolate Brownie. The Creme De Canna marijuana ice cream shop likens itself to a 'non-profit collective' and call the product 'medicated ice cream':

Creme De Canna™ began creating gourmet medicated ice cream and edibles in small batches, serving verified patients in 2010. The overwhelming positive response has shown that people really enjoy the over all experience and medicinal benefits of our products. This support, alongside the efforts of all our member collectives have helped to increase awareness of our products.

Creme De Canna expanded its services and products to other member collectives in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties.

As time transgressed, it was apparent that opening a storefront and serving patients directly, in addition to it member collectives was only natural. It was through a vision of creating a space where wellness and awareness could coexist, that the Crème De Canna Collective was born. We are a state registered Non-Profit and operate strictly in compliance with Prop 215 and SB 420.

They don't just sell marijuana-laced ice cream either, from here I see that they sell pot brownies and 'edibles' as well.

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