Van Tran for Congress: New Van Tran Web Ad

by the Left Coast Rebel

The race for California 47th congressional district this week has been a ghost town in comparison to the Whitman/Nannygate bombshell. However, Donald Douglas at American Power came across a real gem, it's a new, effective web ad from the Van Tran Campaign.

Loretta Sanchez, stop ducking debates:

It is great and especially effective that they spliced in the audio from Loretta Sanchez's Chief of Staff claiming a Sanchez favorite - that she couldn't seem to find the time to debate Van Tran. I came across this facet quite a bit while researching the race. Funny too that they used the Hefner/Playboy Mansion angle just like I did in my PJM piece!

Bonus Video: "Loretta Sanchez, Race Baiter":


  1. It would be truly sweet to see Loretta Sanchez get the boot. I'll never forget the shoddy way she won the seat in the first place and the cowardly way the Republican party deserted Bob Dornan.

  2. thanks for posting that ad. Go Van Tran, Go!


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