Van Tran Denounces Loretta Sanchez, Controversy Carried in Los Angeles Times

by the Left Coast Rebel

More news tonight on my favorite local race and favorite candidate in particular - assemblyman Van Tran (pictured left).

Trending tonight from the L.A. Times, via Memeorandum, "Rival denounces Rep. Sanchez's comments about Vietnamese." :

In an interview last week on Univision, a nationally broadcast Spanish-language television network, Sanchez said in Spanish: "The Vietnamese and the Republicans are — with intensity — trying to take away this seat, this seat for which we have already done so much for our community. [Taking] this seat from us and [giving] it to this Van Tran, who's very anti-immigrant and very anti-Hispanic."

Sanchez is facing her toughest reelection race in years against Tran, the highest-ranking Vietnamese American politician in California and somewhat of a kingmaker in Little Saigon.

The 47th Congressional District, which encompasses parts of Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Anaheim, has the only House seat held by a Democrat in Orange County. Sanchez has been in the post since 1997.

About 44% of voters in the district are Latino, and 18% are Asian, mostly Vietnamese, according to the California Target Book, a nonpartisan reference work that tracks legislative and congressional races.

It remains to be seen what the reaction to Sanchez's statements will be in the Vietnamese community. The remarks were highlighted on several conservative blogs such as Hot Air and Andrew Breitbart's network, but news of them has taken longer to reach Little Saigon.
On Friday I interviewed assemblyman Van Tran and authored a full length article on the topic. An excerpt:

As I found Van Tran’s congressional run more and more intriguing, I decided to push for a talk with the candidate. Proving that at times, 'all you have to do is ask', Van Tran's campaign manager phoned on Friday and passed me off to his client.

The conversation that ensued was lively, interesting and enlightening:

"Hello Tim," he said.

"Hello assemblyman Tran."

"What would you like to talk about today, Tim. I might have an idea but I'm not sure....," said the assemblyman (joking and grinning over the phone line).

"Well, I'm really not quite sure - a little birdy recently told me that someone running against a certain someone in Orange County said something quite off-the-reservation."

We both laughed - it was a great start to an interview.

"Our office got a flood of inquiries, we almost couldn't believe it," said Van Tran. I could sense the other-worldly nature of where his campaign had suddenly turned.

"I was personally shocked and offended that a veteran member of Congress would go to this length to slander her opponent," he said.

Now mind you, I perceived almost a sense of curiosity in his voice, not anger or resentment as he said this.

He continued, "Voters don't want to see this kind of racial politics - it's simple. Loretta Sanchez should be talking about jobs and the economy." "It was a racial rampage and unbelievable, what she said."
It gets a lot better from there. The piece is queued up and ready to go - look forward to reading the rest either here or at Pajamas Media early next week.

Also, on the California 47th congressional district race and surrounding controversy, check Jacobson's brilliantly-clever "Saturday Night Card Game (questions for Loretta Sanchez in Vietnamese)" over at Legal Insurrection.

Pay particular attention the last segment in Vietnamese.

Great humor contains a lot of truth, no?


  1. For those of you unfamiliar with Southern California geography, Van Tran's district is a little South of Disneyland in Anaheim. It encompasses Fountain Valley (where I live) and the aforementioned Garden Grove and Santa Ana.

    In 1975, when Saigon fell, many -- if not most -- Vietnamese refugees fled SEA and were accommodated by our government down at the Marine base at Camp Pendleton. They lived in a tent community before being relocated to various parts of the country. Many opted, for example, for the Texas along the Gulf where they augmented the Texas shrimping fleet.

    Many moved up to nearby Westminster and opened businesses in an area that became known as Little Saigon.

    This entire population of refugees -- ripped from their homeland and cast on strange shores half a world away -- managed to relocate and engage themselves in productive, happy lives in their new homeland in less than one year from the time they arrived. (Compare and contrast to the Katrina experiences.)

    Like so many immigrants who come to this country and seek a legal avenue to citizenship, the Vietnamese add to the rich texture here and I am proud to call them fellow Americans.

    ..besides, they brought Pho to the adoring masses. Sometimes I believe I cannot subsist without it!

    People like Van Tran are product of their industrious refugee parents and they carry the lessons of hard work, valuing education, and respect for their (new) country with them where ever they go.

    Van Tran has been my state representative and I want a person in Washington with these values representing me instead of some carpet-bagging, opportunistic Latina who hang out at the Playboy mansion and stalks the halls of congress for "hunk" lobbyists to take down.

    If B-1 Bob Dornan had stayed home and taken care of business, this clown-ette would not have insinuated herself into our lives with her blind ambition and unbridled libido.

    ..there, LCR, that controversial enough for you?


  2. Looking forward to the rest of the interview!


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