Segway Owner Jimi Heselden Falls off Cliff and Dies on Segway

by the Left Coast Rebel

Forgive me for seemingly not paying respect to the deceased but the timing of the article presented here is quite strange. Why, you ask? Here at fort LCR last night we watched 2009's Mall Cop with Kevin James. James plays 'security guard' Paul Blart who becomes entangled amidst a local shopping mall saga of love, intrigue and a heart wearming triumph of good vs. evil (actually, it's just a story about a shy, somewhat depressed security guard that beats a mall heist and gets the girl at the end).

It's good, clean, family-fun.

Here's the trailer for Mall Cop, note the Segway that he uses for his 'patrol':

One of the final climax scenes shows 'officer' Paul Blart chasing a bad guy to to the roof of the building and then jumping a large chasm to take out the criminal. "There's no way that would be possible," I thought. I couldn't find a Youtube clip of that scene, but again, here is why it is ironic (and again, rest in peace, Jimi Heselden):

The multi-millionaire owner of the Segway company died in a freak accident yesterday when he rode one of the high-tech two-wheel machines off a cliff and into a river.

Former miner Jimi Heselden, 62, plunged into the River Wharfe while riding around his West Yorkshire estate in Boston Spa on a rugged country version of the Segway.

He bought the firm last December and was using one of the machines - which use gyroscopes to remain upright and are controlled by the direction in which the rider leans - to inspect the grounds of his property.

Big heart: Jimi Heselden donated more than £23 million to charity

Jimi Heselden, the multi-millionaire owner of the Segway company, died in a freak accident when he rode one of the high-tech two-wheel machines off a cliff and into a river

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said today: 'Police were called at 11.40am yesterday to reports of a man in the River Wharfe, apparently having fallen from the cliffs above.

'A Segway-style vehicle was recovered. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

'At this time we do not believe the death to be suspicious.'

Life, it seems, does not segway into the movies. Read the rest at the Daily Mail.

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