Oh the Sweet Justice: Sign in front of Progressive Caucus's San Diego Rep. Bob Filner says it All

by the Left Coast Rebel

Tonight I have to research (late) and write about (even later) the 'controversy' with RINO Meg Whitman's ex-illegal-nanny. No wait, ex-nanny that is an illegal and is claiming grievances 1 month before the election. It's fit for print at TMZ so all the details must be true!

I digress.

For the national audience here that don't know, Bob Filner represents California's 51 congressional district here in San Diego, California. A permanent, straight-line, consistent far left vote, one can always count on good 'grinning' Bob Filner to cast a vote to advance the progressive-collectivist agenda in congress. Yes, the same progressive-collectivist, socialist agenda that has brought this nation to it's knees recently.

San Diego has had enough of his neo-Bolshevik record and are effectively making it known (it's not illegal to park there, hahaha!):

Thanks to my friend Leslie Eastman at Temple of Mut and the San Diego based Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition for sending this picture.

On a serious not, there is a clear alternative for voters in San Diego's 51 congressional district.


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