Obama Supporter Greg Smith has a Velma Hart Moment

by the Left Coast Rebel

Have you ever heard of Greg Smith (pictured left)? Well, his name and recognition with Obama supporters goes back to 2007. The New York Post has this:

Three years ago, Bryant Park Hotel doorman Greg Smith, 46, once a diehard supporter of the Clintons, put his life on hold to campaign for Barack Obama. Shortly after The Post featured Smith's conversion on the front page in April 2007, Obama called the doorman and asked him to introduce him on the cam paign trail. Now, 18 months after Obama's inaugura tion, Smith says he's losing hope for the change he once believed in.
Ok, now you know who he is and what he did for The One.

Now meet Obama-fan Greg Smith in September, 2010. Let's just say that capital going on strike, Washington-induced uncertainty and a historically unprecedented power grab for the state haven't been good to Greg, either:

Two years later, I'm living a more sober reality.

My life is not better. I'm a college graduate and I still can't get a good job.

I'm back working as a doorman at a Manhattan hotel earning peanuts because my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and I need the health insurance again.

I share the same sentiments of Velma Hart, the woman who confronted Obama at a town hall last week, saying she was tired of defending him. The idea of leaving New York is even on the table.

Obama has let professional politicians take over the White House -- and our dream of change.

I know it's childish to expect solutions to happen overnight. Obama inherited a big old mess, and I don't expect him to have everything figured out after 18 months.

But we're only human and we want to see some visible change.

I'm trying to keep up my hope -- but I'm afraid that instead of being that guy who knocked on doors in Denver, I'm now the person who needs convincing.

Welcome to reality, Greg - you were a little cog in a great big wheel that has us all circling the same socialist vortex if misery, poverty and the road to forced American un-exceptionalism.


  1. Greg: another useful idiot.

    After he's out of office, Obama will rake in more money for a single speaking engagement than Greg will earn in two to three years of hard work.

    Obama and his family will be getting premium health care while Greg and his family wait for hours in a free clinic.

    Greg will spend the rest of his life holding the door for people like Obama. He might as well lie down at the door of Obama's limo so My Hero, Zero doesn't dirty his feet on the pavement.


  2. This story is is disgusting. It is obvious, you, Greg, and Velma are racists.

  3. Funny how we're not hearing people who disagree with Obama are racists anymore. Huh?

  4. The Road to Serfdom takes many turns as we have witnessed.

    The current Conductor in Chief has just removed the brakes on the locomotive and has the pedal to the metal so to speak.

    Nobody is going to enjoy the ride Greg. Except...

  5. Yes folks, the honeymoon is over...

  6. ugh...another example of how folks 'bought' this guy lock, stock & barrel...How's that workin' out?

  7. Les - That's a great way of putting it....

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Finally, let me attempt to clarify my feelings towards President Obama. I am still and always will be a very optimistic supporter of President Obama. To say my NY Post interview was a one-sided-agenda-driven-story, is a huge under statement. In fact, after that interview Fox and Friends contacted me and invited me to appear on their couch so I could continue to express my displeasure in President Obama. When I made it abundantly clear that I am in fact more Hopeful than ever, they cordially un-invited me. So, rather than my having lost hope, let me just say, Yes We Can, Yes We Can, Yes We Can. And when he calls again, that will be my story....That's my 2 cents, if anyone really cares.


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