Obama One Dollar Bill?

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just saw the headline over at Yahoo, "Unique redesign ideas for dollar bills."

Interesting, no? The trouble is that the presidents that I see featured at Yahoo are the most collectivist, anti-capitalist in this nation's history.

Obama on the one dollar bill and FDR on the $100 note:

Of course this is a 'contest' but the mere thought of The One on a dollar bill is enough to make my stomach turn. In fact, I would simply refuse to accept and/or use the bill and I imagine millions of Americans would do the same.

Warner Todd Houston, writing at Gateway Pundit gives us more information:

A little contest called the Dollar ReDes$ign Project has been launched on the web and I have to say the dismal design offerings being foisted on the public are a wonder to behold. But the worst ones are by Dowling Duncan.

The designs offered by Dowling Duncan envision a one dollar bill featuring a giant photo of Barak Obama and the 100 dollar bill featuring a photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Lonely Conservative at least has some fun with the Obama-Dollar idea:

It'll be a reminder of the guy who finally put the final nail in the dollar's coffin. Or when you're down to your last dollar, you'll know who to thank!


  1. And now I'm nauseous. I think FDR on the 100 is more offensive than Obama on the 1. At least there's a joke inherent in the Obama 1 one. FDR being praised is disgusting.

  2. How surprising the designs all look so .... European. Not.

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  3. It'll be a reminder of the guy who finally put the final nail in the dollar's coffin. Or when you're down to your last dollar, you'll know who to thank!

  4. We can name them the "Faces of Socialism" series.

    The LRC blog hits the nail on the head on this...

    People do not want bold innovative designs which challenge the imagination, are easy to mistake for counterfeit notes, and resemble a child’s play money or “Monopoly” money. The appearance and tactile feel of currency should be a no-brainer as it changes hands each day. Money should be boring.

  5. Hmmm. Maybe Obama's featured because he's printed so much money....

  6. Obama on the one?? What? The three was taken???

  7. Yes proof, Bill had already been deemed "Three dollar Bill"...
    Ditto on FDR, TZK
    All great comments here!

  8. I actually do like Sean Flanagan's version of the dollar bill. It's alive, yet respectful and very American.

    Of course, it would take two European designers (or Obama himself) to replace the One Indispensable Man on the dollar bill with "The One."

  9. No socialist please. Stop this Obama Non sence.

  10. So they finally got rid of In God We trust?

  11. This is all crap. He should not be on there. Just because he is black doesnt mean he has the right to take the founders of our country off the currency. It is completely fine how it is. He is stupid and cares only for his own publicity!

  12. That one looks more like a work visa or some type of ID, rather than fiat currency. We know its not a Visa, Barack never produced one :-)


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