Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown Debate for the First Time

by the Left Coast Rebel

Something spooky happened last night. The 'Dracula' highlight from last night's debate:

"Putting Jerry Brown in charge of negotiating with the labor unions around pensions, around how many people we have in the state government, is like putting Count Dracula in charge of the blood bank."
---Republican candidate for governor in California, former Ebay executive Meg Whitman.

Meg Whitman and 'Count Dracula Moonbeam' Jerry Brown debated for the first time last night. Much like the senate race between incumbent Barbara Boxer and former HP exec Carly Fiorina, Jerry Brown attacked Whitman for her wealth and Whitman attacked Jerry Brown's record.

Watch the first 15 minutes of the debate:

The full, 59 minute video of the Brown/Whitman debate is here at the UC Davis site. UC Davis "Students for Meg" as well as local union group(s) are shown in this video before the debate:

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