LCR's Pajamas Media Gig

by the Left Coast Rebel

A few weeks back Rick Moran contacted me and wanted to know if I was interested in writing for Pajamas Media, in particular the California side of the November election. Moran is an editor for PJM and American Thinker, along with the conservative feather-ruffling writer at Right Wing Nuthouse.

"Uh, yah, really?" was all that I could think. I was nervous, to be honest.

So I responded back to Moran and immediately he asked for five ideas that people would find interesting in the California senate race. "Make it interesting, I don't want regurgitated stuff," he said.

I then brain stormed and thought of several ideas (along with the help of Sam Foster and RightKlik as well). Moran grabbed my least favorite of all the themes presented and took the Palin angle in the race. Hat-tip goes to RightKlik for inspiration on that, (thanks, buddy!).

Donald Douglas was kind enough to recommend me to PJM and I thank him for that too. It's a real gig too - up to five articles, deadlines, working with an editor, press creds and such.

My first article finally made it to print, "Sarah Palin's Gentle Shade of Purple in a Cobalt Blue State." The good thing is that I'm really excited to do this. The bad thing?

--- Having my article and writing in close proximity to Victor Davis Hanson's work.

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And please, if you can, (especially if you live in the Once Golden State), leave a comment at the article as well.


  1. Congratulations Reb. Posted at MTOF

  2. Very engaging... congratulations.
    Linked with a feature post.

  3. Linked! And congratulations again!

  4. Cool! and Congrats!
    What I found interesting while I was out on the left coast was conservative people expressing skepticism of Meg Whitman. I don't know if its negative ads, ignorance, or what...

    It was a work environment, so I didn't press the political debate.

  5. Congrats Tim. Posted with link at Rational Nation.

  6. Thank you RK and Wesley.

    Silverfiddle - that is interesting and I can say that I have seen that too...

    Chuck - thanks

    Les - thank you too, great content today too my friend!

  7. Good article, and well written. Your 50(+/-) Sara may well be a reflection of female thinking and power nationwide.

    But, how sad; while America has its share of women like Sara, we also have hordes of women who don't know who is running for office, or are afraid to break away from thier own political sel-labeling to THINK for themselves!


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