It's the People of Congressional District 47's Seat, Stupid

by the Left Coast Rebel

A famous, powerful person appeared on a Spanish-only network and said the following:

"El Viatnamese y los republicanos tratando de tomar distancia de nosotros este asiento."

For those outside of California, a translation of the passage above is due. I had to double check but according to Google Translator it means:

"The Vietnamese and the Republicans are trying to take away this seat from us."
I see.

Who said this dreamy little passage above, you ask? Was it some far-left rabble-rouser on the Berkeley college campus? A street vendor on the quaint streets of Venice Beach, CA? An editor at the Los Angeles Times?

Nope, it was none other than the highly esteemed
Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez of California's forty-seventh congressional district, appearing before Spanish-only Univision:

Since Loretta Sanchez ousted 6-term conservative, GOP stalwart ''B-1 Bob Dornan" in 1996, California's CD-47 (Anaheim, Santa Ana, Garden Grove) has been become home to increasing numbers of Vietnamese immigrants. Much like Cuban immigrants that lay roots in Florida and elsewhere, Vietnamese immigrants tend to loathe command and control economics, statism, etc. and are anything but a dependable voting stream for Democrats.

Hence the racist, hostile tone directed at Vietnamese voters from Sanchez.

Loretta Sanchez is facing a tough reelection fight against a Vietnamese American - assemblyman Van Tran - perhaps her "the Vietnamese" comment was directed at him personally?

Isn't it shocking when the mask of inclusiveness and multiculturalism is lifted and the face of collectivism is revealed by members of the ruling class? Even better, isn't it amazing when one that uses the race card as an unyielding bludgeoning tool actually is proved a racist?

Hat-tip to reader Geri, video at Breitbart.

Updated: Twitter Dish sat down with Loretta Sanchez' opponent, Van Tran just a few days ago:

Also, thanks to SCTR's Leslie Eastman, I found that Van Tran was also endorsed by Tea Party Express. Also, go here for recent polling that shows Van Tran and Sanchez in a statistical tie.


  1. This isn't the first stupidity out of this woman's mouth. I would call her a skank, but I don't like name-calling.

    Isn't it funny how people who come here from communist countries hate anything close to it, but liberals here love it? You'd think, if the libs were really as intellectual as they claim, they would put 2 and 2 together and get a clue...

  2. Silver - I would call her a skank too but that does a disservice to skanks!

  3. Ousted? Is that what we are calling gerrymandering these days? Sanchez needs to disappear.

  4. She accuses Tran of being anti-immigrant? Excuse me? He came over to America as an immigrant. My wife is friends with someone who came over on a boat during the Vietnam War. My wife is Vietnamese, my children are 1/4 Vietnamese. My wife's family back in Vietnam were likely killed by the Communists from the North, and now we have Marxists permeating the Democratic Party! No, Sanchez and the Democrats want to make us slaves to the State by making us dependent on it for all our needs and she will label someone "anti-immigrant" who opposes her Totalitarian agenda. Democrats use race to divide us and foster greed and envy among different ethnic groups. This is the fruit of Liberalism, divide and conquer. Please send Loretta Sanchez packing after November!

  5. Amen Blue Collar Todd! Let's man the phone banks for this guy to get it done!


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