Hill Buzz Boyz: Epic Letter from reader on Carl Paladino, "Paladino Phenomenom"

by the Left Coast Rebel

So. Cal. Tax Revolt Coaltion's Leslie Eastman tipped me on this incredible letter written to Hill Buzz Boyz by a concerned reader that lives in New York. Leslie Eastman could see the parallels between New York and California, in this description - especially the so-called Parasite Party.

Absolutely moving and outstanding, read and enjoy, "Paladino Phenomenon":

There are several facts folks need to know about the Paladino phenomenon, and they are all very personal.

First, folks in New York State are sickened because our children move out of state to find jobs and careers. They are refugees. People’s families are torn apart because of the legalized corruption in New York. The insanely high taxes, the insanely intrusive regulatory atmosphere, the stranglehold of the government unions on our government and, more importantly, on our shoddy schools, drive young folks to places where human beings can live their lives in freedom and prosperity, and simply learn.

Second, politics in New York has been refined to a not so sophisticated insider’s game. There is one party in New York, the Parasite Party, feeding off the ever-dwindling folks who work hard, obey the rules, and want only to raise a family knowing their children can get a good education and have prospects of a better life.

What makes this aspect of the Paladino phenomenon personal is the way the Parasite Party insults and disparages the very folks who pay the bills. The GZ mosque is the perfect example of this fact of New York life. We are talked down to by the Parasites, who call us bigots and intolerant.

Third, New York is colloquially divided into an Upstate v. Downstate perspective. This is off kilter. The real division is between Manhatten, Brooklyn, the Bronx and the rest of the state. Manhattan is the capitol of the world, a treasure chest of immense wealth and immense influence (not to mention, a beautiful, astonishing place, full of wonderful people). The wealth and the influence naturally lead to the domination of all New York State. There is no Columbus balancing Cleveland balancing Cincinnati, no Los Angeles in balance with San Francisco, or Houston with Dallas.

The interests of NYC are not the interests of the rest of the state. Outside NYC, the chief business is agriculture. Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Schenectady, Rome, Utica, are not the centers of manufacturing or technology they once were. They are now struggling populations, asphyxiated with mandates imposed – - but not adequately funded – - by the state. New Yorkers are nickled and dimed to feed the Parasite Party. We are bizarrely divided between those who resent the nickel and diming, and those who are not affected. High taxes and oppressive regulations are irrelevant to a powerful elite who transcend New York State, and to those who contribute little or nothing. The elite dominates, and is indifferent to, the rest of the state, and the rest of the state knows it.

Carl Paladino understands: this is personal, it is not business. The Parasite Party is not good for most New Yorkers. They are the Soviet, and he is Lech Walesa.

For folks in Buffalo, Paladino is primarily familiar because of a series of radio ads he ran over time, at his own expense, addressing the shoddiness of the government schools locally. Paladino took the shocking position that children were being inhumanely deprived of the education they needed to live their lives successfully. His commercials began with the signature word, “HELLO!” He then would state the obvious: failure rates and drop-out rates meant actual human beings were the victims of forces for whom the well-being of the students were a peripheral concern. The implicit premise of his advertisements was this: it is within the power of our community to prepare these human beings for success, but politics is getting in the way.

Hello! Charles Dickens!

I do not know Paladino personally, although I once got a thank you note from him for something I did, something I do not remember. It was a little thing. I remember because the note was nice and thoughtful and unnecessary. I am not, nor have ever been, in a position to affect his life in any manner (nor the opposite).

I do know folks who know Carl Paladino personally. For what it is worth, I trust these folks, trust their judgment, and have no doubt they are accurate. What they say is: Carl is genuine. He is a normal human, and he cares.

He is shrewd, a great organizer, compassionate and a force of nature. He loves liberty. Paladino resonates because he is himself, understands what is going on in New York, and is fearless in saying what others do not have the nerve to say.

Paladino made something of himself. No person fed him with a silver spoon and cleared the path.

This election for governor in New York represents the essence of the Tea Party. As much as it is about taxes and education policy and legal corruption, it is above all about our culture, here in New York and throughout America. Do we have the courage to shatter the mind-control “shut up!” politics of the Left?

Carl Paladino is unlike any other person running for office today. He is totally himself.

What makes him so fascinating, is the question he implicitly throws in the face of the Parasite Party. Is it possible to be yourself, to speak your mind, and run for office with any prospect to win?

Leftists rely upon intimidation and manipulation designed to have folks not be themselves. They rely on Shut Up.

It takes bravery and courage to confront Pravda and Patrice Lumumba University, the powerful would-be arbiters of our consciousness.

Sarah Palin is the only other person so ably demonstrating exactly what Paladino is doing (well, ok, Christie). The other Tea Party folks are wonderful, they are great, but they do not have the exact personality (like Sarah) – - a personality which is a gift of life – - the blunt ability to confront the Shut Up culture.

Here is the secret of Sarah and Paladino. They are William Buckley, folks who see things as they are, who are willing to sacrifice themselves, and who love their fellow human beings so much, they dare to be themselves.

This year, Paladino is the only one up for election who is absolutely Lech Walesa. His election is the symbol of whether we keep our republic.

Also read - The Parasite-Party has contributed an untold amount to our national malaise, a new CNN poll points to 75% of Americans that think we are still in a recession. Like Leslie Eastman opined in a note to me - will California follow suit in the effort to save the republic?

Visit the website for NY's Carl Paladino here.

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