Funny - Charlie Crist Listed as Number Nine of Ten on Florida Ballot

by the Left Coast Rebel

Apparently one thing that Charlie Crist (Statist-R/Florida) didn't anticipate when he opted for his 'independent' run in Florida's senate race was ballot placement.

Literally - he's 9 of 10, right in between the Green and the Worker's Party (just guessing).

And if the race is as close as it could potentially be - regardless of what tan-tastic says - it will matter.

TALLAHASSEE In three successful statewide elections, Charlie Crist's name was at the top of the ballot. But as a nonpartisan candidate for the Senate, he shows up ninth in a field of 10 candidates, sandwiched between Rick Tyler and Lewis Jerome Armstrong.

"It's an issue, obviously," Gov. Crist said.

Some Florida voters soon will see the crowded ballot, with overseas and military ballots going into the mail today. County elections offices will start mailing absentee ballots Monday.

Crist said Wednesday he didn't think the placement of his name on the ballot was cause for concern, but even he was not correct about its location.

"We're going to be listed eighth on the ballot as an independent," he said. "So if you want independence, go to eight."

Only, it's nine.

Oops. Vote for number 8!

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