Following James Jay Lee's Trail on the Net: The Discovery Channel Ecoterrorist's second website "World Guardian Voices"

by the Left Coast Rebel

We are on the discovery trail for more information on the Discovery Channel Building perpetrator, James Jay Lee. First off, we discovered his screen name and handle, "Misterfifteen" which led us to several sites and information sources. First stop is the page"World Guardian Voices." The page bears the same name as a 'movement' set up by James Jay Lee. He calls for meetings in the Gaslamp area of San Diego to discuss environmental matters. It dates back to 2006 and starts with:

December 11, 2006
Events/Meeting Times

Every week on Saturday at 6pm I will be meeting at Border's Bookstore Downtown San Diego Gaslamp area to meet prospective people who want to do something. You can call me day or night to meet me in person there or wherever you want.

World Guardian Voices
This is a movement designed to educate the masses on the impending cultural collapse from overpopulation, global warming, animal extinction, pollution, and exploitation. The ideas are all based on the writings of Daniel Quinn who wrote: Ishmael, My Ishmael, and The Story of B. "Teacher seeks Pupil: Must have earnest desire to save world."

Schedule a speech

Global Alarms
According to Quinn's books, the human population was 3 Billion in 1960, and more than doubled since then, giving us 7 billion people. He predicts another doubling in this century to about 12 billion (or more). That's way too many people.

Once again, the name Daniel Quinn is mentioned (more on that later, in a different post). Moving along:

Global warming:
Seals' ice homes are melting. Notice large areas turned into slush ponds making it difficult to hunt them. In these videos they say the ice is so bad they are having a hard time landing their helicopters. In the videos the ice was like slush with wide open areas of water where there once was ice:

They also mention the lack of ice and the dwindling populations of seals because of that

Ice melting at record speeds:

If the ice all over the world melts, it will mix into seawater and cannot reform. If the ice on our mountains melts completely, the mountains will not be a source of water. Since the planet will be warm, no new ice will form on the mountains. So most of the water will come from storms, underground water, and desalinization.

Permanent extinction of whole animal species:
Pandas: Now it would seem to you that the Chinese government is doing a good thing by trying to breed these rare animals in order to save them from extinction. What is actually happening is that they are doing it so they can take their land away so they can turn it into farmland for human food production. Then pandas will be sold to zoos for big money. Other species depending on the same land as the panda but who aren't as popular will just go extinct. No one even tells us what those species are.

"West African Monkey Is Extinct, Scientists Say." 14 September 2000
African Monkey Pronounced Extinct Scientists have pronounced a type of large West African monkey extinct, making it the first primate to vanish in the 20th century. Anthropologists for the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York failed to find the monkey, a Miss Waldron's Red Colobus, in a six-year series of forest surveys in Ghana and Ivory Coast that ended in 1999

This campaign seems odd. We're not satisfied that we are driving all the rare animals into extinction, we have to drive the survivors of human civilization into extinction as well. While it may seem laughable that a common bird like the pigeon would be facing extinction, the idea that there is a campaign out there to get rid of them is not. The common pigeon is just experiencing what every other species of animal is experiencing, a massive campaign to destroy all animal life that is deemed superfluous by humans. But if you stop and think about it, the common pigeon serves a very important role in the ecological system. I won't tell you what it is, you tell me.

The idea here is that we are feeding our population growth at such a rate that it is driving all other animals into extinction as well as destroying our atmosphere and the very ecosystems we depend on. But for some reason we as civilized humans can't stop ourselves. More to come. I would really like people to send me relevant articles.

A lot of this stuff sounds like liberal/enviro propaganda straight out of An Inconvenient Truth, while the rest echoes the population control rantings of James Jay Lee's mentor, Daniel Quinn. This screen shot (link here) proves that the World Guardian Voices site/group is indeed James Jay Lee's:

Jame J Lees other web site


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