Conservative Hispanic Society Condemns Loretta Sanchez's Racist Comments

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Conservative Hispanic Society recently released this presser:


The Conservative Hispanic Society condemns recent comments made by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Democrat from the 47th district in California. Sanchez said, “The Vietnamese and the Republicans are, with an intensity, trying to take away this seat.” This overtly racist comment is inexcusable for someone that has served in the congress for so long. An apology, for a statement that Sanchez made in an unguarded moment during an interview with a friendly biased media outlet, doesn’t release her from accountability. It is amazing what liberals will do and say when having to defend their abhorrent record to the voters. The people in the 47th district of California deserve better than a closet racist. The CHS stands up for traditional conservative Hispanic values. We vote our values, and we welcome all people who share those values. Our membership includes all races. We believe that Hispanic values stand in stark contrast to the divisive agenda, that Sanchez and like-minded Democrats are pushing.

The Conservative Hispanic Society is a solid, up-and-coming grassroots, limited government group. Read more about them here and follow them at Facebook here.


  1. These are the kind of races that will shock the Dem Marxists.


  2. Is there a "liberal" Hispanic society? Did they acquiesce to her bigotry? Is it hip to despise a gook if you're a "latheena"?

  3. I ask only because I don't know. If I choose to be a democrat, who am I supposed to automatically hate? Is there a list I can download?

  4. What you mean a closet racist? Seems she's out in the open to me.


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