Best Showing of Andrew Breitbart, Ever

by the Left Coast Rebel

Watching Andrew Breitbart spar with Obama-sponsored Organizing for America drones --- epic, fifth estate, pure gold.

Witnessing Andrew Breitbart alone break up said Obama-sponsored Organizing for America drone-protest --- worth far more than a truck load of Obamanation-devalued dollars.

Seeing an Obama-drone-Beck-hating, 'teabag' slurring, SEIU thug actually using a gay slur against Breitbart --- Priceless.

Via memeorandum.


  1. Truth! Isn't it beautiful? With it comes freedom...

  2. Sometimes Andrew Breitbart is so awesome, it hurts.

  3. AB is the man, just flat out awesome.

  4. I agree with all of you guys. Cajones! The guy is just too awesome!


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