Beer Gardens NYC iPhone App

by the Left Coast Rebel

How many iPhone apps are there now? Does anyone even know? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

There's a new one for you NYC-dwellers that want to find beer gardens in New York City. NYT explains:

It seems as if beer gardens are opening around every corner of New York. Now there’s a iPhone app to make sure you don’t miss that turn.

Beer Gardens NYC leads you to 50 different beer gardens, listed by borough, neighborhood, beers and price range. The guide is the work of Raj Moorjani, the owner of the Forest Hills-based Web technology firm Calpaq Interactive, and Hope Tarr, a novelist and travel writer. The couple hatched the idea in June when they were enjoying a couple of frosty ones at Goods, a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with outdoor seating that serves burgers and dogs out of an Airstream trailer.

“It had just opened that day,” recalled Ms. Tarr. “It was so pleasant. I love outdoor dining spaces anyways. We were just chatting and had a eureka moment.”

Not much later — after determining that there was not yet a beer garden app for New York (the only one they found was for Munich) — they began putting together Beer Gardens NYC. Research was arduous: For five consecutive weekends, Ms. Tarr and Mr. Moorjani did nothing but visit beer gardens. “We went to 11 in one day,” recalled Ms. Tarr. “We did a lot of the information collection during the World Cup, so we got a good sense of the outdoor space because everyone was inside watching the games.”

Let me back up a bit. What's a 'beer garden' you ask? It's simple, a beer garden is simply an open -air area where beer, local foods and other drinks are served. The term originated in the 19th century in Bavaria, when dark brews were a common beer garden feature (mmm). I'm familiar with the concept here in San Diego, where beer gardens are a common facet of local fairs, concerts, etc.

Some more on the Beer Gardens NYC iPhone App (available here at the Apple Store) from the site of the company that thought up the idea:
Ah, the great outdoors or at least the fenced in, paved New York City version of it. Slap a cold brew in our hands and we're happy urban campers. Add something cylindrical and pork-based on a bun and we're in hog heaven.

Beer Gardens NYC features 50 beer gardens by borough, neighborhood, beers, and price range. Entries include a description of the scene, photos, and videos for a true virtual visit. Our directory of 900+ beers, searchable by venue and brand, will steer you to the right spot whether you're a quaffer or a connoisseur, whether it's Oktoberfest or Independence Day.

We're Native New Yorkers who live in the city and yes, we drink here, too. Trust us, when it comes to city beer gardens, we've done the legwork for you. So sit back, sip a cold one, and let the beer garden browsing begin…

Youtube video of the Beer Gardens iPhone App:

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