Andrew Breitbart on Bill Maher's 'libertarianism', Maher, "I'm not afraid to say that European Socialism works"

by the Left Coast Rebel

A couple of things come to mind in regards to the Bill Maher, "Real Time" HBO segment below. First, it's another instant classic (but not as good as the most recent) from Andrew Breitbart. Who else could nail Bill Maher on his idiotic claim that he is a 'libertarian' while espousing all of the statist, neo-Bolshevik garbage that he continually does. Second, isn't it nice to see liberals (in Hollywood, congress, wherever) admit that they think that European socialism is a preffered frame of government and life to what we have enjoyed in the United States since our founding?:

Newsbusters has more as well as Memeorandum.


  1. When was the last time that anyone thought that Bill Maher was not a complete idiot?

  2. Liberals seem to keep this guy in business. Still, I can't believe he hasn't lost all credibility with statements like this. Shows how far some people in this country have fallen.

  3. In what sense has European socialism worked?


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