9/12 March in Pictures And Words

By RightKlik

I've been to several rallies and protests since April 2009, and there was a noticeable difference in tone at yesterday's 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington. Anger and anxiety has been replaced with determined optimism.

Menacing clouds and a little precipitation aren't nearly enough to keep patriots at home. Attendance at the 9/12 March was officially estimated to be greater than 100,000.

Here are some pictures from the march, presented in chronological order, via RightKlik and RightKlik's brother. Click on the images to enlarge:

U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-1)

...unAmerican evil mongers.

Comedian Stephen Kruiser wants to be the Federal Government's Jenny Craig.

The march begins.

West Virginia Democrat: "Not the America of our Forefathers' dreams"


Para espa├▒ol marque dos.

"But there won't be a next time!"

I approve this mesage.

"Side effects include headache, delayed treatment, zero choice, skyrocketing taxes and premature death." Ask your doctor about ObamaCare.™

"President Barack Obama...we want our country back! I can say that 'cause I'm black!"


Motivated voters

Tea or Kool-Aid?

Capitalism never rests.



Pelosi's recurring nighmare

Only until November 2

In the spirit of kindness, let's all pitch in and help give Nancy's house a good cleaning this fall.

Not one of Rev. Wright's followers

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty

Yes, in fact, we do. (Pantano for Congress!)

Most creative sign of the year

Cuccinelli's Allies

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