9/11 Goes Jerry Springer

by the Left Coast Rebel

September 11, 2010. This hallowed day for our nation, a choir of electronic voices were heard:

"Hundreds of people gather blocks away from ground zero for a candlelight vigil showing their support for the proposed mosque at the 9/11 site."

" 'Pastor' Terry Jones arrived in New York this morning, trying to arrange a meeting with the Imam behind the controversial mosque near ground zero, Jones had threatened to burn Korans today to commemorate 9/11 but he called it off claiming that there was a deal to move the mosque away from New York. The imam says there is no such agreement."

The United States mainstream press has achieved a hitherto impossible, record-low level of debasement. The stomach turns and churns to consider the day that they do this.

Forgoing respect and quiet commemoration of the fallen souls of 9/11 and the untold lives changed forever from that day, the press tabloid-chase a story about a fringe, meaningless, kook 'pastor' and ghosts of souls that consider it appropriate to protest (either for or against) the Ground Zero Mosque.

Unremembering 9/11.

Depravity echoes the halls of the media, but contrition rests on the shoulders of our illustrious Professor-Leader. In validating a no-name nutcase from Florida the 'smartest man to ever hold the office' proves another failure. Once again - as with the Ground Zero mosque issue in which he inserted his omnipresence - Obama thrust himself upon an issue of no positive gain. A respectable, sane, leader would have kept his silence. A parent with an ounce of common sense would have done the same.

In his Terry Jones plea, Obama used a postmodern, 180 degree twist of his Ground Zero Mosque defense. In doing so he was hoist of his own monumental petard.

Where has my country gone, replaced with the Jerry Springer show and it's band of merry idiots? Where is leadership and sense to bring us back to September 12, 2001? Where is leadership that thinks more of a terrorist attack than an act by a "sorry band of men"?

---It is in the spirit of the American people.

I will light a candle and think of those of who lost their lives, this day, nine years ago and never forget.



  1. My flag is flying today. I usually put it out for patriotic holidays, but I figured it was fitting on a day of remembrance.

  2. A real sad part of that story is the other side of the stage in this Jerry Springer show is the Imam that wants to build that Victory mosque and the US government that supports it.


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