10:10 Campaign's Global Warming Video, Blowing up Kids and Global Warming Skeptics for Gaia

by the Left Coast Rebel

Story Balloon emailed me this video earlier. Frankly, at first I had no idea just what I was watching. Doug Powers blogging over at Malkin gives some details:

The “10:10 Campaign” purports to be an effort to convince the world to cut carbon emissions ten percent per year for the next ten years. But if that doesn’t work, forget about eco-gulags for deniers — it might be necessary to just blow them up, kids and all.
Truly disgusting and disturbing. Truly, the inevitable conclusion of the pagan, anti-man religion of radical, Marxian-environmentalism is pure evil. Are we to gather that one that is even slightly skeptical of the religion of environmentalism should be blown to bits?:

So, really, what is the point of the violence in the video above? Is it just for the sheer shock factor, to get the youth to watch this thing and thus check out the 10:10 group? It sure didn't work for me, in fact I tried to research the 10:10 group to see if they are a part of some communist-enviro, domestic terrorist group. Also, can you imagine the howls if a group put together a video like this depicting advocates of the Ground Zero Mosque getting blown up?

I found this:


Welcome to the 10:10's Green Thing Group on Green Thing

Green Thing is a public service that inspires people to lead a greener life. With the help of brilliant videos and inspiring stories, Green Thing focuses on seven things you can do - and enjoy doing. Join people from 206 countries doing their green things and making a difference.

I don't get it.

Updated: Watts up With That writes about the 10:10 Group as well. I love this comment at his post:

Oh that was spectacular! No, really, I support this kind of rubbish because it shows exactly the mentality of the people we’re actually dealing with here. This, then, is the face of the modern environmentalist. “No pressure,” they’ll lie as they reach for the button. This is a masturbatory fantasy for these people, and it reflects the very nature of the world they want to live in.
Yes, it does.

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  1. How about taking a choice snip of this, adding a dash of WWF comparison of global warming to 10,000 planes slamming into the World Trade Center (yep they made that as a web-ad), then salting in a few of Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Barbara Boxer, and Mary Nichol's more lucid ramblings on the character of global warming skeptics, then wrap it up with a nice "These are the people who brought us AB32".
    Fade to the Jobs First: Yes on 23" logo.

    Then slap it on the web as a youtube video.

    Whata do you think?


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