(VIDEO) Obama-rama Boardwalk Fair Game at The Jersey Shore (Seaside Heights, New Jersey)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Gawker is trying to spread the meme that a carnival game called "Obama-rama" is the final culmination in the dying throes of the Tea Party movement. Liars and Crooks tend to think the same.

Should an Obama-smashing carnival game be censored or is Obama 'fair game'? (warning: NSFW language in the middle of the video):

Before you know it the left will try to pin this on the Tea Party, Sharron Angle and/or Rand Paul - and not necessarily in that order.

If only such trivialities were exposed under Presidencies other than "The Messiah."

Updated: Donald Douglas beat me to it by mere seconds, "Obama-Rama at Jersey Shore - That's RAAAAACIST!!"

I love the fact that you can almost take out Obama and Osama at the same time. But seriously, I'd say the leftist outrage is a bit much, since everything from guillotines to Bush assassination movies greeted the 43rd occupant of the White House. Well, at least it gives desperate lefties another chance to scream RAAAAACIST!!

Updated x2: Doug Ross has pictures that disprove all leftist narratives. Recall the medial silence:

Read the rest at Doug Ross'.


  1. This is funny. Lighten up..it is just funny. Not racist, maybe racist were playing or simply folks unhappy with President. This is a game and most high profile officials, celebs, criminals, historical figures have and will be made fun of. It just happens. Don't censor, don't dictate what we should see or not see. It is my choice. I bet you laughed at "w" bobble head! But do you laugh at Obama's bobble head? Relax.

  2. Ah the great double standard. The most predictable part of the left.

  3. If it had be the effigy of Bush there, it would have been praised as patriotic by the LSM.
    But we mustn't make an effigy of our first Black president! It just isn't right! Besides, it's "racist"!


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