(VIDEO) 'Hot' Republican Women vs (not-so) 'Hot' Democrat Women: The Most "sexist'' political ad ever? Upated: Sexy Democrat Women

by the Left Coast Rebel

Atlantic writer Nicole Allan's liberal indignation is a mile wide and a centimeter thick. She thinks Minnesota's CD-56 GOP ad is "the most sexist political ad, ever."

She writes that the ad is, "Shockingly retro, sexist stupidity."

Copies of the video have been yanked from the net due to "UMG copyright issues" but I found this video which I believe is very similar (without mention of Minnesota's CD-56):

The video is based on a Republican/Democrat women viral email from at least a year ago:


Must be a slow news cycle for liberals.


There is an old saying that people in glass houses ought not throw stones. Looks like this Obama T-shirt wearing liberal did a response video...and yes...it's probably even more sexist.

Update x2:

Least we forget the time Playboy created a top ten list of conservative women they wanted to hate F*&%.


  1. Oh, that is great!

    Just last night my hub commented, as we watched Fox News and their various commentators, spotlights and the such---....."Where do they get all these BEAUTIFUL women?"

    Truth attracts beauty, I guess.


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