(Video) Boys Scouts Boo Obama at the National Boy Scouts Jamboree

by the Left Coast Rebel

You know, they say --- when you have lost the Boy Scouts, you have lost America:

Gateway Pundit has context:

Barack Obama skipped the 100th Anniversary Boy Scout Jamboree this year. He went on “The View” instead.
But he did send the scouts at the jamboree a video.

They booed him.

And another point too - ponder just how Dear Leader-like the Obama Boy Scout speech on the screen is in the video - it's like something out of a dystopian science fiction film.

(hat tip Leslie Eastman at Temple of Mut)

Updated: Doug Powers writing at Malkin gives more context:

Every US president since William Howard Taft has served as the honorary president of the Boys Scouts of America. President Obama accepted his role as honorary president in March of last year. So as you know, when the 100th anniversary of the Boys Scouts came along late last month, Obama decided to… go on The View instead. Hey, when you’re down 14 points with women, an American institution like the Boy Scouts will just have to wait.

However, Obama did record a message that was broadcast to the 43,000 Boy Scouts in attendance at the National Jamboree in Virginia.


  1. Too sweet!

    I have stated before that I was happy he did not go personally as being a former scout I would not want him there and apparently the scouts of today did not either,Thank God.

  2. I understand that the scouts modified their scout sign to 'the middle finger is raised and the tips of the little finger and thumb joined,' and gave the scout salute with the middle finger touching the hat brim or forehead.

  3. Obama's address is insulting. I wonder if there is a soul somewhere in this automated being. He is like a wind-up toy, nothing to him if someone doesn't wind him up.

  4. I was at the Jamboree in 1973 (Moraine, Pa.)--about three hours from DC--and I can assure you that Richard Nixon was NOT there.

    IF YOU HAVE TO MAKE UP CIRCUMSTANCES TO GET UPSET ABOUT YOU HAVE LITTLE LEFT. Boy Scouts have sworn not to do that. So, that must make you bums republicans.

    How sad.

  5. I'm neither upset or Republican. I registered Independent because at the time, I had no knowledge of politics. I just knew I was sick of what I was seeing in DC at the 1st of the 90's. Not much different than many are today. I was a scout in the late 60's and if a similar thing had happened, it would had an impact on my life.
    I am glad he wasn't there. And I don't have to "MAKE UP CIRCUMSTANCES TO GET UPSET ABOUT". The politicians and Obama have given most of the country plenty to be "UPSET ABOUT".
    If the POTUS had not come because he other important issues to deal with, it would have been understandable. But he had to be on a TV show...
    and the real insult was to send a lame video in lieu...

  6. The nameless jackass that calls itself TOTAL whatever... understands what you mere fools don't. The Boy Scouts are objectively bad now because lord Brakabama is perfect in every little way. All hail lord Brakabama. That means you too, Boy Scouts! That means you too, blog reader.

  7. I was going to make a point about "Courteous" being the 5th point of the Scout Law, but then I realized that you can't be discourteous to someone who isn't there. Good for the Scouts, shame on the prez. They should all get their Citizenship in the Nation merit badge for understanding this failure on the part of a national leader.


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