San Diego's Own W.C. Varones' Sharron Angle Video Used by Keith Olbermann

by the Left Coast Rebel

We all know that leftist MSNBCer-bombthrower Keith Olbermann is a hack (with the ratings and nutroots following to prove).

But the leftist turd had to hack and slash a video shot by W.C. Varones (without attribution, of course) of Sharron Angle's speech taken at Saturday's National Doctors Tea Party in San Diego to prove a new low.

W.C. Varones has all of the details.

Updated: JDA weighs in:

The license on WC Varones' website specifically states "attribution" is required when republishing any of his content, I should know, I put it there.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and/or his little Internet hacks failed to notice that license (clearly buried in the feed as well as displayed on the site for any media asshat who knew what they were doing playing with the tubes like that) when they "borrowed" his video of a recent Sharron Angle appearance and used it so Olbermann could vaguely rant about the tea party (sorry, I couldn't listen to the audio, I tune it out at this point). Meanwhile, the video obviously "borrowed" from WCV's San Diego Tea Party wrap up plays in the background. Tacky.

I didn't expect any kind of integrity from Olbermann so I'm not going to say I'm disappointed.
I think W.C. Varones and JDA should write up a letter and threaten the weasel with legal action!

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  1. I like your choice of words here... (leftist turd) My sentiments exactly. I can only guess is he has a contract as to why he still has a job with the ratings and shameless far left stance on (reporting?) or whatever you call it... Propagandist?


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