Quotable: Howard Towt on the Ground Zero Mosque

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just caught this and will keep it simple. Howard Towt at Anti-RepublicanCulture puts it very well in his piece, "A New York Mosque" :

Your point of view on this issue is largely determined by whether you perceive Islam as a religious movement or a political movement. If you see Islam as a religion, then the 1st Amendment to the Constitution becomes the defining point. If you see Islam as a political movement, then you worry more about threats to peace and security.

The nexus of politics and religion is what is actually being debated. The passions of political ideology and religious fervor create power. Political forces seek religious fervor; religious forces seek political passion. When the two combine, we see far-reaching societal changes, often accompanied by a great deal of human suffering and death.
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