Providence, Rhode Island Mayoral Candidate Chris Young Serenades

by the Left Coast Rebel

You have to love this:

Host Elizabeth Hopkins: How long have you sung for?

Rhode Island Mayoral Candidate Chris Young: All my life....I would like the opportunity to come to the show again and sing with my band.

Host Elizabeth Hopkins: Well, we'll see what we can do about that.

Rhode Island Mayoral Candidate Chris Young: How about this week, later this week?

Host Elizabeth Hopkins: Well you know what, that's a higher pay grade than me.....

Key lessons from this story:

  • First, if you are going to run for office and randomly serenade a news reporter, please make sure that you can sing in the first place.
  • Second - at least he wasn't asking for her hand in marriage - because that was a pretty decent rejection!

Also, here's the transcript of his 'song' (obvious class warfare hogwash) :

To the rich man who stands in his house high upon the hill.

The chains that bind you the flames surround you, for the price you have received.
What good are those riches, and are they worth the cost?
Are you lost?
Too rich to see Jesus and the poor.
Are you lost?
Too far to see Jesus from where you are.
To the poor and lame imprisoned and enslaved
Be not afraid.
It is the son of God who stands with you.
And are you lost?

This sounds like a ridiculous, drug-infested, hippy-60s song, no?

Updated: PuffHo writes that Rhode Island Mayoral candidate Chris Young actually did propose in a similar setting:
For most people, making such a scene on live television would fill the weekly quota for awesomeness, but not for Chris Young.

During a mayoral debate on Tuesday night, Young again stole the scene when he proposed to his girlfriend and campaign manager mid-closing statement. She said yes, but really, who wouldn't?

Rhode Island's Ted Nessi has more:

Chris Young, Rhode Island’s perennial gadfly candidate, was relatively well-behaved in tonight’s mayoral debate. (And as Dan McGowan points out, sometimes he makes good points.) But he managed to steal the show toward the end when he used his closing statement to propose marriage to Kara Russo, his campaign manager and longtime companion.

Here are the closing statements – Young starts at 2:26:

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